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Connect with the YOU that you were born to be.

We encourage living more from the soul - the undomesticated heart that’s full of intention to be free, creative, loving and fully expressing in this world! That’s “wild”!
— Julie

Inner Journeys

Soulful journeys in the form of online courses that shine the light on your inner Self… your true and joyful authentic Self.

Kindle the flame of self-expression and creativity! Learn how to access your inner wisdom through practical processes that allow you to take more of the wholeness of who you are into your daily life and relationships.

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Horse Therapy

What is it? It’s a form of coaching with tremendous therapeutic benefits that guides you in interaction with a horse. Activities are all on the ground, rather than riding, and are somatic in nature. There is a focus on the breath and in tuning in to your body’s sensations.

Looking for a way to ease stress and anxiety and bring greater self awareness and general wellness?

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Keep your heart wild, and listen to it deeply.

Farm & Nature Workshops

You feel more like YOU while you're here, and take this deeper sense of connection with you when you leave.

Being in nature allows us to experience less "push," less resistance, and allows for slowing down and sensing and feeling more. When you add the horses and other animals into a meditation session, art journaling class or a workshop on cultivating intuition, the possibilities for greater self discovery and joy are infinite!

We also offer classes and camps for children! They are experiential and based in Montessori educational philosophy.
Now enrolling for FARM GIRL CAMP 2019!

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Are you ready to live with the whole of who you are?



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