Field Guide To A Wild Life: ISSUE 1

Field Guide To A Wild Life: ISSUE 1


This is the FIRST EVER issue of "Field Guide To A Wild Life."

It's a zine, manifesto, creative art pamphlet extraordinaire...

Are you an explorer? A life adventurer? A seeker of sorts in this world?

Oh, of course you may have your current role...maybe be an elementary teacher, graphic designer, nurse, truck driver, engineer, therapist, dog groomer, banker...but at the heart of this life you are an explorer.

You are here to move closer and closer to YOU. To find what lights you up and fills your Soul.

Every good explorer needs a field guide, and this field guide may be just what you need at just this moment in time. (Well, because you're here. That's reason enough.)

"Wild" here means natural, undomesticated, truly authentic.

Although each wild life is unique, there are basic guidelines.

This field guide covers many important components and practices for your wildness. For example, one of the first critical notes is "Paying Attention" which also has some other pieces within it to cover...and it's covered in Issue 1.  (Don't be afraid, although I know this may sound treacherous and daunting...once you really pay attention, things become so much more clear.)

Do you have your tools, yet? This guide covers a bit of that as well. Every prepared explorer has a compass, for example, and you may just need to fine tune how to use yours.

This Field Guide To A Wild Life is produced and created for you in a zine format. It's black and white. You can make notes in it as you go along your journey, or tuck it away in a treasure box, or collage it into your own sketchbook or art journal.

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