"Wild Territories" Of Our Hearts and Minds

"And I suppose because they are so much themselves, wild territories remind us and recall us to the unexamined territories of our own hearts and minds. And they open up places within us that we don't even know are there."
-John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Divine Embrace

The expansive sky, the rolling waves of green, the tiniest bud just opening.
I can feel the wildness. I can feel the natural flow of nature that is just being.
There is no judgment or concern for time. 
I can feel the opening of my heart as I sit with this. I am aligning with something in me that connects with all that is around me. 
My shoes come off now. I tend to wear them as little as possible around the farm.  Only when I feel I have to. The feeling of my feet on the ground removes a layer of domestication.

Julie Rhem