Energy Readings!

If you're not local to our Wild Heart Farm location in Prosperity, South Carolina, then you can connect easily via phone or email and set up an energy reading with Julie. Time and distance are not a factor, so these readings are very easy to set up.

This is how it works...

You decide. You click here and purchase a reading.

You receive an email confirmation.
You receive another email from Julie and select a time that works for you to connect using email or phone.

  • Phone: 30 minute energy reading using "The Way of The Horse" wisdom cards.
  • Email: PDF energy reading emailed to you using "The Way of The Horse" wisdom cards.

Maybe you have a specific life situation, transition, work issue, relationship issue (they're all relationship issues, really!) and would like your reading to come from one of these areas of focus. Or, on the other hand, maybe you would just like to see what unfolds with no specific life area in focus.