Our farm and nature based programs for girls are very experiential and infused with the spirit of Montessori educational philosophy. The programs are designed by Montessori educators.

Summer Camps!

Held at Wild Heart Farm

One of our most popular programs is Farm Girl Camp! This camp was started about 10 years ago, by facilitators Julie and Kristie, for girls ages 6 and up who are "farm girls at heart." Julie and Kristie are both Montessori trained educators who love children and who are farm girls at heart themselves!

It is an amazing experience for girls who love to be outside, love animals, and love creating.

The vision of this camp is to provide a safe and loving space, plenty of sunshine and fresh air, experiences with the farm animals and plants, and the joy of summer on the farm.

Participants will learn and have experiences with the Wild Heart herd of horses (although this isn't a riding camp), learn about caring for all the animals, and explore skills like baking, drying herbs, making natural skin care products, sewing, and art journaling.

On the first day of camp, each girl chooses her "farm girl" apron and reflection journal. A warm space of love and positive vibes allow each girl to blossom and discover her inner farm girl. :) Does she like to bake or maybe sew? Or maybe she really enjoys being outside with the horses and goats the most? The day is set up so that girls can flow from one activity to another without a rigid container of time...because it's summer on the farm after all!

  • Available Dates for 2019 are:
    July 15-19
    Hours of all the camps are 8:30am - 1:30pm
    Camp cost is $275 (includes all supplies; participants bring a bag lunch)

    This camp fills up quickly! Deposit is $100.


Saturday Farm Days

  • These are experiences on the farm designed for girls ages 6 - 11. Activities include experiences learning about and caring for the Wild Heart herd of horses, the “wild” veggie and herb garden, and skills that are needed (and fun!) on the farm. Learning about how to safely be around horses and communicate well with them is a favorite activity. The specific experiences will be planned according to what's happening here in this <wildness> and the season of the year.

    Upcoming dates are:
    Saturday, August 3, 9:00-12:00
    Farm cookout for lunch around the campfire included.
    Email Julie@wildheartcreating.com for more details about this farm day!


 Individual Coaching Sessions

  • These fun learning sessions focus on self-awareness and positive growth. The focus is on allowing a child to maintain a strong sense of self and build empowering relationship skills as they grow and relate with the world and people around them. Email Julie@wildheartcreating.com to ask for an information packet! Just like our programs for women, we teach life tools that allow a child to stay in touch and in tune with their authentic self. Working with the horses brings a great sense of present moment awareness and nonjudgmental presence and connection that opens an almost magical opportunity for learning and growth.

We combine farm fun and learning with art and joyful expression! (*Art card featured here is by artist Mandy Steward)

We combine farm fun and learning with art and joyful expression! (*Art card featured here is by artist Mandy Steward)

Working with the horses is particularly meaningful, because it is active, fun, and experiential learning!

Individual equine assisted learning sessions can be scheduled during the weekdays or on weekends. These experiences don't involve riding, and are focused on building

  • self-awareness

  • confidence

  • strong sense of self

  • good communication skills

  • empathy

  • strong and compassionate "girl power."

All through working with a horse!

Contact Julie ( julie@wildheartcreating.com ) for more details and schedule a session at the farm!

Contact Julie (julie@wildheartcreating.com) for more details and schedule a session at the farm!