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The Goddesses Within You

“Knowledge of the ‘goddesses’ provides women with a means of understanding themselves and their relationships with men and women, with their parents, lovers, and children. These goddess patterns also offer insights into what is motivating (even compelling), frustrating, or satisfying to some women and not to others.”
-Jean Shined Bolen, M.D., Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives: Goddesses in Everywoman

In this class, we will spend a week at a time on each of the 7 goddess archetypes and explore them playfully and meaningfully through writing and art journaling. Each of the goddess archetypes holds elements of our selves, and as we move through each of them, we will make connections with our own personal characteristics.

Artemis - goddess of the hunt and moon, sister, competitor

Athena - goddess of wisdom and crafts, strategist

Hestia - goddess of the hearth and temple, wise woman

Hera - goddess of marriage, commitment

Demeter - goddess of grain, nurturer and mother

Persephone - the maiden, queen of the underworld, receptivity

Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty, creativity


What will you need for this course?

Access to a computer, the internet, and email. This course sends lessons directly to your email.

You will also need to have some art supplies, but nothing fancy is required. The basics are a glue stick, markers or acrylic paints and a brush, some magazines that you find inspiring for clipping, and a permanent marker (whatever color calls to you) would be great.

You’ll be guided in some ideas for creating a sacred space for the work you do in this course.

When we are connected to the instinctual self, to the soul of the feminine which is natural and wild, then instead of looking over whatever happens to be on display, we say to ourselves, ‘What am I hungry for?’ Without looking at anything outwardly, we venture inward , and ask, ‘What do I long for?’ What do I wish for now?’ Alternate phrases are ‘What do I crave? What do I desire? For what do I yearn?’ And the answer usually arrives rapidly: ‘Oh, I think I want...you know what would be really good, is some this or that...ah yes, that’s what I really want.’
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.