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The Healing Power of Horses


When we connect with a horse, we touch something within ourselves that we have lost…a vision of our intuitive natures, pure positive energy, the larger part of who we are as human beings in this world.

Recognized as a powerful healing modality for people who are

  • dealing with stress and anxiety

  • navigating through big life transitions

  • creating a more intentional life

  • discovering the healing potential of their own bodies during an illness

Through an open and gently guided experience, Julie’s clients receive a healing session that allows for increasing self-awareness and clarity.  

Her clients often share with Julie that they feel vibrant and empowered with a great sense of peace after these sessions, and have a renewed sense of self and clarity in the days that follow. 


Self Awareness

As you observe and connect with the energy of the horses, you will be guided to connect deeply with your own body and emotions, and ultimately your most authentic Self.


Stress Reduction

Being with horses is like being in the presence of pure, positive energy. A session with Julie and the horses will gently guide you toward releasing stress, and connecting with your own inner answers that are held in the emotions that feel like tension, stress, anxiety. You can begin to move toward peace, clarity, and vitality.


Wisdom Of Your Body

You hold powerful energy within you. Looking inward with love and compassion, asking your body for the messages it holds, is a great guiding practice. Julie will teach you tools and practices you can take away with you to grow in connection to your own inner wisdom.

  • Most sessions last an hour and 30 mins. Children's Equine Therapy sessions are 1 hour.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes.

  • No prior experience with horses is needed at all!

Healing With Horses Session (adult)

1 hour 30 minutes @ 65.00

Healing With Horses Session (child under 12)

1 hour 30 minutes @ 50.00

“Less Stress, More Joy” Mindfulness Session

1 hour 30 minutes @ 65.00

Special focus on easing stress and anxiety and shifting more toward joy. The business of life, the chatter of our minds, and the responsibilities we hold can add up to a feeling of heaviness and a great deal of stress. These session focus on easing this stress, and offer tools you can take out of the horse pasture and into your daily life.

Sessions can be scheduled by emailing Julie for upcoming available times. They can occur during weekdays or weekends.

Upcoming Horse Group Workshops:

Saturday, April 6, 2019


“Less Stress, More Joy” workshop for girls and their moms!

Fee: 85.00 mom/daughter pair

Facilitated by the horses, guided by Julie’s empathic listening and energy alignment work, this workshop allows moms and daughters to connect more deeply and experience what it feels like to release stress, and move toward peace and joy. Julie will lead you in a guided meditation and fun experiences with the horses that bring you to quieting the chatter of your mind and shift your energy more toward a natural state of happiness. You’ll take some away some practices and tools for your daily life. Become more horse-like and less human-like for just a little while, and embrace your own joy and empowerment!

The ages for this workshop are flexible! It’s recommended for girls ages 10 and up, but we’ve found that interest and passion are better indicators of a meaningful experience than physical age.