Individual Journey Coaching Sessions

What do you want to create with your life? Whether you are seeking guidance with a challenging issue or period of your life, contemplating a big life transition, or want a deeper connection with your true Self, these sessions help you to engage with a process that is empowering, heart-based, Spirit filled, and full of potential for rich growth.

These sessions can take place at the farm or over video or phone consultations.

Journey Coaching Phone/Video Sessions: These are set up either over the phone or using video conferencing to enable a coaching session that supports you on your life journey.

Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions: These take place at the farm (or if you have your own horse and would like to work with him/her, at your facility) work with the energy embodied by horses to allow for a deep learning session. Horses are amazing teachers of presence, and somehow help us align with energy that walks us closer to our true selves.


Cloud with Julie. Cloud is a mustang mare, adopted earlier in 2016, who seems to allow us humans to feel more free and undomesticated just by being near her.

Cloud with Julie. Cloud is a mustang mare, adopted earlier in 2016, who seems to allow us humans to feel more free and undomesticated just by being near her.

You are a powerful creator of your life. Coaching sessions with Julie focus on allowing you to remember this, and offer guidance for accessing your inner intuitive nature, practical tools for growing in present moment awareness, and methods you can begin practicing in your life to allow more of what you desire to show up.

Contact Julie for an information packet, or call or email with any questions.

About Julie...

"I love that you are exploring this site and how we may come together to enhance this one amazing life we've been given!

I have a desire for bringing a way of being to my daily life that is connected to Spirit, the divine, God, the creator, source of life...whatever human vocabulary word you choose. The actual experience of this divine is the same. I feel and experience this great and expansive Love whatever name I choose to give it. 

I lived a large part of my life disconnected. I didn't know I was empathic. I didn't know I related to other beings differently. I didn't know I ran my energy differently.
And my life was plowing ahead with no real compass that was my own.

I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer when I was 34. Surgery, chemo, radiation mixed with nontraditional healing ways and arts assisted my healing. The illness and healing was a gift.

Now, I'm 48 and the transformation of my life in the last 14 years has been a fabulous journey. As with most worthwhile journeys, it's been full of downs as well as ups. On this journey, I'm gathering many resources and tools and learning that I'd love to share.

Seeing the sacred in all parts of life is my deepest quest. Because the sacred is everywhere and it's what's real.
I choose to live my life from an internally driven place, rather than an external one. I'm making my compass be my own inner knowing that's connected to the divine, guiding flow. I just have to learn to listen.

So, this journey has taken me from a technology career in software development and work in the corporate world to a mother and Montessori Elementary teacher and data analyst and horseback riding instructor.

I'm also passionate about what I like to call "enlightened horsemanship." I received a certification from EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) as an Equine Specialist in 2009 and worked with mental health professionals with horses to provide experiential learning and therapy to individuals. I'm very grateful to currently be studying with Kathy Pike's Academy for Coaching With Horses. It was in 2006, after my treatment and healing process from cancer, that I was gifted by my first horse and began a deeply meaningful journey with horses. The magic and healing these beings can bring is very profound. My herd of 4 horses are a source of great love and joy. Through experiences with the horses, I've come to learn more about life and how human beings can grow be more like them to live a more authentic existence.
Horses have a way, a presence, that somehow helps walk us humans back home to ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing in this journey! 

I hope we can connect in a way that offers you a glimpse of your own inner knowing and that you come to live your life from this place. The world needs you. It's what you were born to do, so please listen to your heart.

Much love, from my wild heart to yours.