Wild Heart Creating
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We’re about empowering people
to listen to their own hearts…
unclouded by culture, the world, or the views of any other.

A woman
listening to her heart, and living from this place intentionally,
is powerful.

And the world needs more of this kind of power.


You can live from a place where your
heart is your compass.

Aligned with the divine within you.

And, a woman aligned with the divine within her?
Living from her heart?

This affects EVERYTHING.

From the way she treats a stranger at the post office to the amount of self-care she gives herself, how she responds to stressful situations at work, how she relates to her husband or child.


Our online courses, workshops, and coaching sessions focus on how to bring more of the wholeness of who you are into your practical living.


Hi, I’m Julie and I’m exploring the power of living from a place of Love, aligned with the wholeness of who I am.