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My Story

If the thought of living aligned with the divine within you, and I mean really living daily life, putting this into daily practice, then I would be honored to teach you more.

If you are here because you feel disempowered and worn down by life, I am here to see who you REALLY are, and show you a path toward joy and wellbeing.

If you are here because you carry some BIG beliefs that hold you back, then I am here to guide you more toward your authentic Self.

If you are experiencing some real, in your face type of problems but you sense there is another way...then I am here to guide you past the frustration, anger, or pain.

I am here to remind you and teach you about the power of Love that is always around you, and guide you as you gently, but powerfully, choose this Love instead.


To begin to tell you more about my story, I have to start with bits of the past.


Breast Cancer


My life changed significantly and became forever an exercise in discovering more Love and well being when I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 34.

My journey took me through traditional medical treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and also more non-traditional aspects of Integrative Medicine such as yoga, meditation, journaling, massage therapy, and art therapy.

It was during this journey that I re-discovered my Self.

It is a big part of my life story because it helped me have HUGE amounts of clarity about life, and about my life as I was allowing it to unfold. Now, I am almost 50 years old.

I know I can offer hope to women experiencing cancer, as well as any woman seeking a life of wholeness, so now I share the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a more authentic life.

An illness that is life threatening allows one the opportunity to birth a whole new life into existence. My physical body was responding to my inner state of dis-ease. Walking through the dark forest of illness and finding a path toward healing and wellness is how I came to understand my Self better and lead a more intentional life.

I know the power of Love. It is in me, and it is in you. It's not just a corny cliche you find on a greeting card. It is the essence of life. There's nothing more powerful or life changing when you really experience it for the first time. It's the connection between you and the source of all that is, that universal energy flowing through everyone and everything. I first experienced it in a deep and lasting way through my healing from breast cancer.


Horse Medicine

Through the experience with cancer and re-discovering my Self, I discovered horses as powerful wisdom teachers for people on a healing journey.


I see them as keepers of pure positive energy. Sharing space with a horse is like being in the presence of an intense energy master. A horse is always aware of what is happening in the present, and offering nonjudgemental response. They are keenly tuned in to the physical world, but also to the nonphysical energy of a moment.

Horse wisdom permeates my life. Horses come through in all my teaching and coaching work, whether directly or indirectly.

I found horses about three years after my cancer diagnosis. I was changing the lens through which I viewed life, and they came to me at just the perfect time. My first horse was given to me, and what a gift he was! His experience with humans was minimal, and he was wild in nature, very extroverted and reactionary, and beautiful. My desire to connect with him, understand him, lead me to a desire to deeply understand relationship in general...with my self and with others. To develop a relationship with a horse not based on fear or dominance, self awareness is absolutely necessary.


This lead me to study the work of Pat and Linda Parelli of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and eventually to training and certification as an Equine Specialist with the Equine Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). I began to work with people seeking greater mental health and wellness through interactions with horses. I also taught horseback riding lessons for a few years, but soon realized that traditional riding lessons did not line up with my own heart very well. It was fun and always beneficial for the riders, often young girls discovering the power and beauty of horses, but not always beneficial for the horses. To have a real relationship with a horse, one that honors the horse, this sometimes means not riding. It means putting the relationship first, or in other words, putting Love first.

I began focusing on offering what I loved to do, which was working with people and horses for the purpose of greater self-awareness. I completed training through Level 2 with the Academy For Coaching With Horses near Denver, Colorado. Through this, I met many amazing women and horses. Horses and empathic women, really, who want to learn everything they can about these amazing animals and how to put them in touch with people who desire personal growth and healing.


Art Journaling


Another powerful part of my personal healing journey has been art journaling. This practice is almost like a form of prayer, a contemplative tool that allows you to explore your inner world and process it gently and at your own self-directed pace.

My introduction to art journaling happened with my introduction to social media many years ago. I found an online community of women who offered guidance, support, and inspiration with this artistic and introspective new-to-me idea of actually using paint and brushes and paper and words...just whatever felt right to bring together. The end result was not the goal. The process and the journey was everything.

I set up my base-camp at my kitchen table. It was literally covered with paint bottles, brushes and various sizes and scraps of paper. I would light a candle and play some music, and explore my inner world. I began altering books as art journals, documenting what was transpiring in this non-physical part of me. This practice helped get me through a very challenging time in my life as I realized I had to end my 22 year marriage. It become a spiritual act for me and helped me become brave in a part of my world where I had never been brave before.

My personal practice eventually lead to offering "Art Church" to groups of women with an art therapist friend, and then this lead to my online courses where art journaling is a tool for self discovery.


So, now back to the present.

Now you know a bit of my story, and my passion for delving deeply into life.

Wild Heart Creating sprang from my desire to share what allowed me to bring profound change into my life.

I now have a range of creative online courses, offer coaching sessions to women, and guide farm-based workshops sharing powerful tools and practices that guide you to explore WHO YOU REALLY ARE and live from your heart. It is an honor to be able to do this work.

I send you much love.