Reconnecting With The Energy That You Really Are During Illness

Reconnecting With The Energy That You Really Are During Illness


How can you see through the fog of the illness that's currently your reality in your physical body, and find the light of who you really are? How can you hold onto that light of you, your direct connection with God/creator source energy/the universe, and let that define you rather than the illness?

This workshop will gently and lovingly guide you through an experience of reconnecting YOU with YOU during a time of physical illness. You will also work through techniques you can take away with you to incorporate into your self care practices at home.

This is a small group workshop and will be limited to 8 participants. A very sacred space will be held for as much or as little sharing of individual stories as is desired. The focus is on allowing for an experience of re connection, of reminding, of rediscovering the inner power and choices we have.

Next Workshop Date:
Saturday, November 18

This experience is with Julie as your guide and the Wild Heart herd of horses. Julie guides the workshop from a place of direct experience with illness in her own life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34, now over 15 years ago. She received traditional treatment with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. She also utilized natural approaches to healing and wellness.

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