Self Resonance Class: Winter Session

Self Resonance Class: Winter Session


Self Resonance

Part online and part farm-based

The winter session of "Self Resonance" begins January 28!

"That really resonates with me."
"I feel like I really resonate with that."
"What you just said really resonated with me."

Have you felt this feeling? RESONANCE

It's a wonderful feeling. A feeling of complete satisfaction, joy, harmony, and understanding.

In this class, "Self" means your true Self, your authentic being, the fullness of who you are, the divine within you. You, resonating, being in harmony and feeling that alignment as you move through your days, your relationships, your work, your play. The winter session of this class is a great beginning to the new year!

Be warned!! This class may cause transformation! Positive change!

This class is partially online, with 2 meet-ups at the farm.

Begins January 28th with first "real world" meeting session Saturday, February 3rd and second meeting session Saturday, February 10th. The sessions meet from 1:00-4:00.

Activities include:

Daily emails for inspiration and practical life "homework assignments" including creation of a "Self Resonance" journal. During meeting times at the farm, art supplies are available to continue journal input. There will be a private Facebook group for coming together virtually.

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