Energy Reading

Energy Reading


If you're not geographically near enough for a visit to Wild Heart Farm, then you can still get in touch with the pure, positive energy of our Wild Heart Herd.

Julie will set up an energy reading with you via phone or email, depending on what feels right to you.

It is a simple process and full of divine inspiration and love! Even if this is completely new to you, no worries! Julie will guide you to a place of awareness coming from positive energy.

For many people, especially women, horses gallop through our dreams and wishes and inspire a connection to a deeper part of ourselves. Horses hold our hearts closer to soulful beauty, wisdom, and power..and inspire connection to the divine.

Julie enjoys working with a wisdom card deck called "The Way Of The Horse" created by Linda Kohanov. Once you receive your confirmation email, you can expect to receive another email from Julie with a few questions and asking if you would like to have your reading via phone or email.

Julie operates from the belief that your reading is divinely inspired, and that the connection between you, her, and the horses creates a powerful intention for loving insight.

If you opt for a phone reading, it will last about 30 minutes. You will also receive a PDF describing cards that came up during your reading.

If you opt for an email reading, you will receive insight and a PDF describing the cards.

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