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Found Throughout Time and
Culture in Art,
Nature, and Science


About This Course

I’m totally infatuated with symbols, and particularly symbols that awaken sacred elements of our consciousness.

They appear all over our world across different times, cultures and civilizations, throughout art, nature, and science!

They often convey meaning that goes beyond logical understanding. And I love to bring them into my journaling and play with them. I can’t wait to share this course material with you!

What collective human meaning do these symbols hold? What personal meanings can we feel when we see them? In this course, we’ll explore them on the pages of our journals and create “discovery pages” that pull in words and colors and create messages from the spirit of humanity.

In a way, this is a course in paying attention to how our outer world interacts with our inner world, but in a special way—focusing on the symbols that hold pieces of our selves and our history. We think we’ve come from a more primitive society — moving linearly up a timeline of history. Or, perhaps we are trying to catch up to once we once were? To what we once knew tens of thousands of years ago?

The symbols we study in this course stir the imagination and awaken the soul!

From powerful celestial symbols like the Sun to more geometric ones that hold deep representation of aspects of our human lives, like circles and spirals.


How This Course Works

Exploring Symbols is a 5 week journey! We will playfully and creatively explore many of the world’s sacred symbols and how your inner world responds to them.

You’ll receive a sacred symbol collection of symbol information, inspiration, motivating prompts, and an assignment from me through email each week of the course. There’s a PDF of the entire course that you’ll receive, too.

On the day the course starts, you ‘ll receive your first email with exercises on how to best interact with this course material…to set the energy and tone of your journey. Then, you’ll begin with the first symbol exploration.



What do I need for this course?

You will need email and a computer/device.

A journal and pen. Paints, colored pencils, markers or other tools for bringing visual creativity to your pages. A slice of time almost every day just for you…you’ll receive some tips for setting up this space for yourself. Creating that time and space is so important.

What symbols are explored?

Sometimes the symbols vary from course to course. I like to tune in to what feels right for the session of the course being offered. But, here’s an overview of what to expect in general:

Week 1
the circle
concentric circles

Week 2
celestial symbols (sun, moon, stars)

Week 3

Week 4


Exploring Symbols

Course begins July 1, 2019 and lasts 4 weeks

Course fee: $55.00

Ready for some meaningful play? Link to register is below.