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Sacred Space Created For You

My own journey in healing and in growing alignment with my authentic self is based in connection with my creativity.

Trusting your path. Connecting with the larger part of who you are. Following your bliss. These are key elements of a life lived in well being, clarity, and passion. When we trust and allow our creativity to pour forth, we line up with that broader perspective and can listen to our own inner wisdom that is always speaking to us.

I’ve been told that one of my “gifts” is the ability to create a safe space for self awakening and connection to inner wisdom and creativity.

I would say that I can see your halo and your wings. You are a divine being, and often we forget that in the day to day of living.

All of my courses cultivate self awareness and the freedom to feel and nurture authentic self expression. We use tools like visual journaling, collage, writing, meditation, guided somatic exercises, and fun with oracle cards.


We are a human species, united on this planet Earth. There are symbols that have meaning throughout our many cultures…symbology holds deep meaning beyond words. The world of humanity’s sacred symbols is a rich area of exploration that can lead to exciting connections across time and cultural beliefs.

We will study ancient symbols and create our own personal journal explorations with them.

Start date: July 1, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: 55.00 (US)


Exploring our selves through myth and archetype is a powerful and fun process! 7 weeks, 7 goddesses, and 7 chakras! This will be a playful and creative way of looking at elements of the 7 goddess archetypes and how they surface in YOU. In your work, relationships, parenting, dreams and desires.

Registration Opens April 1st!

Start date: April 29, 2019

Duration: 7 weeks

Fee: 70.00 (US)


This is a course for women on the journey of healing from a physical state of imbalance, disease, or illness.

More details coming soon.

Start Date: July 15, 2019

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: 125.00