Dear Seeker Woman,
You are a powerful creator and you are here on the Earth to birth more beautiful, nourishing feminine energy--in a way that hasn't been seen or felt on this scale perhaps ever before.

{Read that again}

Did you feel that? Skin tingling maybe? A feeling of expansion or warmth in your heart?
Lightness and openness around your eyes? Butterflies in your stomach? A knowing?

Welcome home.
Know your worth.

If you would like to join a group of women sharing their journey together in this time, sharing support and in online community together, celebrating feminine wisdom and healing offerings, we would love to have you be with us.

You can find the Wild Heart Farm facebook page and tap into some of the energy, gatherings, and community there. This web site also is a portal by offering the blog and downloads that offer inspiration and connection.

If you would like a deeper level of community and inspiring and educational material, then the Wild Heart Women Creating membership subscription may be for you.

You can try it for one month by clicking here.
Then if you'd like to continue your membership subscription monthly, we can set that up later.

Here are the membership details:

  • The fee is $15 a month. Click here for a one month trial.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • You receive a password that will take you to a membership area of this website. This area has more inspiration and educational downloads.
  • You receive a monthly Wild Heart Farm package sent to you at an address you provide. This package contains a "zine" paper publication. It also contains intuitive messages, love letters, and gifts created for you and selected for you. The messages and gifts shift from month to month...maybe a collection of papers or beads, art journaling items, gem stones, seeds, farm or nature treasures, candles, eclectic items, etc.